CBT/Test Training/Direct Access…

Following the re-launch of Ridewell Tees Valley we’ve had a number of enquiries regarding CBT, Test Training, & Direct Access.  We’ve particularly chosen not to offer this service for a number of reasons…

  1. Is that we want to try and keep our overheads down which means that the Post Test experience we deliver remains realistically priced, value for money, and affordable for riders who want to take their skills to another level.
  2. We have no interest in competing with established training bodies who already offer this service.

We always want to take care of the people that contact us, and make sure they receive good training, as this is the foundation to their riding progressing once they’ve taken the DVSA test. 

To that end, we’ve had meetings with Iain Corser, from ‘Corser Motorcycle Academy’, and we have asked Iain to become our preferred partner for CBT, Test Training, & Direct Access.  

We chose to approach Iain for a number of reasons…

  • Primarily, he approaches bike training in the same way as us, and he delivers his CBT and Direct Access in much the same way as we used to.  
  • Training is one to one, so it ensures that no body is left behind.  
  • Iain has great facilities at Durham Tees Valley Airport, with a very large training pad which assists greatly in the learning stages.  
  • Also, due to his location, all test training takes place in and around Darlington which is where the local DVSA test centre is located.  Whilst there are no longer set test routes, local training is a massive help by increasing knowledge of local junctions and road layouts, which in turn can assist with situational awareness.

We are delighted that Iain has become our preferred partner for this kind of training, and we are comfortable that we can signpost new riders to an organisation offering excellent training and being looked after well.

For more information about Iain Corser and his Academy please click on Link to go to his website:

Corser Motorcycle Academy