Ridewell Tees Valley – Relaunch

Hi all,

Those that have been around for a little while may well remember Ridewell Tees Valley.  Up until March 2015 it was a North East based, local authority run motorcycle training programme that delivered everything from CBT right through to an award-winning Post Test Experience.

Well, we’re back… but what’s changed….

Well first off, we’re still based in the North East, but are now privately owned in an equal 3 way partnership, and from a riding perspective we are only delivering the former award winning Post Test Experience, so no CBT’s or Direct Access.  We just want to focus on what we do well and give riders the opportunities to gain from the experience that we’ve developed over many years.

We’re back because people kept asking if we could help them to develop their riding.

Formerly, the programme was jointly owned by the local authorities in the Tees Valley area with significant support from the Cleveland Strategic Road Safety Partnership.

Ridewell Tees Valley had an excellent reputation and was a well known brand, so, we approached the former owners and asked if we could use the branding.  That courtesy paid off and we are back in business.

We’ve changed the structure of the experience around a little to try and offer more flexibility…Rather than the experience being completed over 2 consecutive days, we have introduced 2 separate modules, each module being 1 full day.

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